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magique_icon's Journal

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Welcome to magique_icon, the graphics journal of elena_hepburn, therefore known as magique_icons

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 1.CREDIT is required. It´s the best way to share the love for the fandom and it´s extremely easy. If you don´t know how to credit, just check this tutorial.

2.DO NOT EDIT. Textless icons are not bases, are icons. So please do not edit them.

3.DO NOT HOTLINK. Please, upload the images to your own server. It won´t kill you and it saves a lot of bandwidth problems.

4.COMMENT is not required, but is very much appreciated. I enjoy reading your comments ^^

5.I rarely do TUTORIALS, because English is not my first language and it´s hard to me translate these, but if you want to know how I got a particular effect or colouring, I can always try.

6.NOMS are love, of course, but please infor me.

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